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What to Do When Heating System Stops Working in MA

- 12:34 pm - January 21st, 2020

Help, My Massachusetts Home Heating System Stopped Working!

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Mid-winter Massachusetts heat loss is nothing to joke about. If your furnace or boiler has stopped working unexpectedly, keep reading these tips from the heating experts at Noonan Energy. If you live in the Greater Springfield, MA area and are experiencing a no-heat situation, follow the steps below to determine the root cause of your HVAC service interruption. And if all else fails, don’t forget you can request HVAC service at any time! Our team will be there to help.

Is Your Thermostat Set Incorrectly?

Did your thermostat get changed accidentally to the cooling function? Check that the heating (or auto) function is on and that the temperature is set above room temperature.

Has Your Circuit Breaker Been Tripped?

Check that your circuit breaker is on and that the breaker for your heating system has not tripped. If the breaker to your heating system needs to be reset, you can do so. Please note that circuit breakers often trip for safety-related reasons. If you’ve reset the breaker and the issue has not been resolved, contact our electrical department for assistance.

Are Any Emergency Switches Turned Off?

Red emergency switches look and feel like light switches, and are sometimes turned off accidentally. Confirm that all system and emergency switches are on. This includes the power switch on the side of the heating unit itself as well as the emergency switch located either on a wall near your heating unit or at the top of your basement stairs. If the switches are on and your heat is still not working, you can try pressing the RESET button on your system one time only.

Do You Have an Empty Fuel Tank?

If you heat with fuel oil and schedule deliveries on a will-call basis, check the gauge on your fuel storage tank to make sure it’s not empty. Certain factors can contribute to higher-than-normal fuel usage, such as cold temperatures, family members visiting, and frequent appliance usage. If you’re low on fuel, you can place an oil delivery order right here on our website.

Could Your Air Filters Be Clogged?

Replacing or cleaning your furnace or boiler’s air filter regularly is necessary for effective operation, because buildup inside the system can restrict airflow. Have this routine measure satisfied easily by scheduling a yearly heating system tune-up from your trusted, local, licensed HVAC providers.

If you’ve performed all of these steps and you still don’t have heat, call us at (800) 343-8829. We’ll be more than happy to help solve your no-heat emergency!


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