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Moving Tips for Homeowners

- 1:01 pm - May 20th, 2020

Tips for Moving into a New Home This Spring

Are you moving into a new home this season? We know how stressful that can be! On top of the seemingly endless packing and unpacking, moving into a new home means setting up utilities, lawn care, appliances, and much more. Read this blog post for some local tips on how to make your move in Massachusetts a little easier.

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Moving Tips for Homeowners in Massachusetts

Whether you're a first-time or long-term homeowner, moving never seems to get less chaotic. Once you buy your home, there are several essentials you need to take care of to ensure your family's safety and comfort.

  1. Schedule service for your HVAC equipment

    Spring is the season to have heating and cooling equipment serviced by an HVAC service technician. If your new home has central air conditioning or a ductless mini-split A/C system, it is a good idea to schedule annual maintenance as soon as possible. That way your air conditioner is ready to beat the heat when summer rolls around. Annual maintenance will help your A/C equipment run more efficiently, use less energy, and reduce the risk of breakdowns.

  2. Connect with a local fuel delivery provider

    This time of year, heating fuel may not be on the top of your mind. But living in Massachusetts means heating your home almost three quarters of the year! Find a local heating company that delivers the fuel you need, whether that's heating oil, Bioheat® fuel, or kerosene. You can shop around for the right fit, but choosing a full-service company that can deliver fuel and provide HVAC service is a smart move to make this simpler.

  3. Find the best plumber in town

    If you have a plumbing emergency, do you know who to call? Make sure you get the best service and prices by looking for a plumbing company ahead of time. If your full-service energy provider of choice also has a plumbing staff, well that's three for three!

  4. Schedule a home energy audit

    During the buying process you likely looked into the energy efficiency of your new home. Having a complete home energy audit done is a great way to better understand your home's current efficiency and where there might be room for improvement. This will help when you make future modifications to your home down the road.

  5. Think about upgrades

    When you think about making a new home your own, don't forget about the home comfort equipment! After your tune-ups and home energy audit, you will have a better understanding of your current heating and cooling systems. Depending on their age and efficiency, it could be a smart move to invest in new, high-efficiency models.

Looking for fuel delivery, HVAC service, plumbing, electrical, and other energy services for your new home in the greater Springfield, Palmer, Amherst, Chicopee and Westfield areas.  ? Noonan Energy is pleased to be one of the leading full-service HVAC and oil delivery companies in the region. Give us a call at 800-343-8829 or contact us online to learn more about becoming a new customer.


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