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Is It Time to Upgrade My Water Heating Unit?

- 2:30 pm - July 18th, 2022

Massachusetts and Connecticut residents know well the essential role water heaters play on a daily basis, regardless of the season. Although you want to maximize your water heating unit's effectiveness all year round, you'll eventually need to replace your unit. You deserve to know just when the time has arrived for an upgrade. We, at Noonan Energy, would like to provide you with five reasons it may be time to upgrade your water heating unit.

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5 Reasons to Upgrade Your MA or CT Water Heating Unit

  1. End of Your Unit's Natural Lifespan: The typical water heating unit reaches the end of its lifespan between 10-20 years, depending on the quality of water. As your water heating unit heads toward its point of no return, you'll find that both its efficiency and performance quality observably decline. Consider upgrading to a brand-new high-quality unit as soon as you notice your current unit is on its way out. You'll appreciate the greater quality and efficiency of your new water heating unit installed by Noonan Energy.
  2. Unusual Sounds: Pay close attention if you start hearing unexpected and unusual sounds emerging from your current water heater. Depending on the frequency and severity of such noises, your water heating unit might suffer from some hidden defect, such as sediment accumulation. Under these circumstances, it’s a great idea to consider investing in a brand-new water heater.
  3. Costly Repairs & Breakdowns: As your water heater gets older, you should expect water heating breakdowns more often and with less predictability. Failing to invest in a new water heating unit before your current unit becomes irreparable will lead to unnecessary costs and anxiety. Instead, purchase a new high-quality water heating unit before you find yourself burdened with a useless decades-old unit that's no longer even worth repairing.
  4. Leaking Tank: Water heating tanks can experience leaks regardless of age, but certain leaks might indicate serious damage. In some circumstances, repairs will not be enough to get your current unit's efficiency and quality back up to par, and you'll need to consider investing in a replacement.
  5. Accumulated Lime and Rust: Lime accumulation affects the efficiency and quality of water heating units over time. As water heating units are naturally exposed to mineralized (or "hard") water, you cannot completely avoid damage caused by lime accumulation. Rust, too, will inevitably enter your unit's water supply as time passes. Whether your unit faces lime accumulation or rust seepage, your unit's deterioration might justify your investment in a brand-new unit.

Top-Notch MA and CT Water Heater Upgrades from Our Expert Technicians

Expect nothing less than the highest quality in affordable equipment installation from the skilled technicians at Noonan Energy. Depend on us to service and maintain the unit we install for you all year round. Contact us if you think it's time for a new unit installation. We're eager to hear from you soon!


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