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What to Do about Uneven Home Heating in MA & CT

- 10:59 am - December 22nd, 2021

What to Do about Uneven Heat in Your MA or CT Home

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Winter in New England is no joke: that’s why it’s so important to have a reliable heating system and HVAC company that can help your home stay cozy despite the weather outside. Do you find yourself putting a sweater and socks on in one room and taking them off in another room? Uneven heating is a real problem for certain properties in Massachusetts and Connecticut, and we at Noonan Energy are here to help you solve this pesky issue.

Check for Leaks and Drafts

First of all, enter the colder rooms in your home and check for leaks or drafts. If you have windows without curtains, consider installing some treatments and seeing if that solves your issue. If not, it’s time to turn your gaze to your home heating system.

Request a System Tune-Up

As the years go by, like any piece of machinery, your heating equipment will begin to break down more often. Review your recent service history. Have you been receiving regular tune-ups from your trusted HVAC provider? Be sure to schedule a tune-up this year to boost your heating system’s effectiveness and consistency.

Consider a High-Efficiency Replacement

As your heating system ages, it will begin to lose efficiency, and you’ll notice that your heating bills will start to consistently climb. If your heating system is starting to get old (25 years or more) and you’re experiencing uneven home heating too, it's likely time for a high-efficiency upgrade.

Get in touch with Noonan Energy for HVAC Service

During our long winters, you rely on your heating system to keep your home warm, cozy, and safe. You want to get the most out of your heating system because its performance also affects your household spending. Today’s high-efficiency systems have proven their value in cost savings, operation, and safety. If you’re noticing uneven heating with your furnace or boiler, you know it’s time for an upgrade. Contact us at Noonan to get a quote on your new installation.


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