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Tips to Prepare Your Home for the Summer

- 2:22 pm - June 20th, 2022

The summer heat will soon arrive here in the Pioneer Valley. Now's the best time to prepare for the summer and prevent unnecessary issues that might suddenly emerge. Read on to learn how best to prepare your home for the summer with four summer preparation tips from Noonan Energy.

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Four Summer Preparation Tips

  1. Schedule Your A/C Tune-Up: We at Noonan Energy suggest regular tune-ups in anticipation of summer for a variety of reasons. Your A/C will operate more efficiently, as our technicians will confirm the proper working of all its parts. According to the US Department of Energy, regular tune-ups can extend A/C equipment lifespans from 10–15 to 15–20 years. Regular tune-ups ensure that your energy bills remain within budget, as your equipment runs as smoothly as possible to cool your home and keep you and your family comfortable. Lastly, you'll reduce the possibility of mid-season breakdowns, which pose particular discomfort during heat waves and can cost a great deal to repair. 
  2. Top off Your Fuel Tank: Refilling your fuel tank might seem like a non-priority as summer approaches, but in fact the opposite is the case. Of course, you must make sure that you have a reliable heat source for your hot water heater. Besides this, a risk of corrosion exists if you let your fuel tank become empty, which poses safety risks and could prove extremely costly to repair. Let the experienced drivers at Noonan Energy top off your fuel tank for you as soon as possible to prevent this unnecessary problem from occurring.
  3. Repair or Replace Your Windows: Over time, inadequate insulation can deny you the full benefit of your A/C system and, as a result, cost you extra money. Check around your windows for broken seals and leaks that allow cool air to escape. In particular, look out for condensation between windowpanes, which suggests latent deterioration or insufficient caulking. You'll save money and avoid discomfort by correcting these issues well before the summer heat arrives.
  4. Make Sure Your Plumbing Functions Well: Few unexpected household events cause as much stress as clogs or low water pressure. This holds particularly true for the summer, when we value access to clean cold water in the heat. So, make sure your pipes and drains are not clogged, check for leaks, and confirm that your water pressure is no higher than 60 psi. Likewise, check that your toilet, shower or bathtub, and water heater operate properly. When the heat wave hits, you'll feel grateful that you paid attention to your plumbing ahead of time!


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