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It's Time for Your Heating Tune-Up

- 2:02 pm - September 23rd, 2021

It's Time for Your Heating Tune-Up

Many great things come along with the fall season in Massachusetts and Connecticut. As we know, New England's four seasons can change rapidly. Colder weather will arrive before you know it, and so will the time to kick on the heat. Have you scheduled your Noonan heating tune-up yet? If you haven't, now is about time. Checking off this task sooner than later is a great idea—you'll beat the fall rush and get yourself ready to turn on the heat without any worries. Here in New England, we can predict that we'll have a chilly winter season, as always. Make sure your oil burner or furnace runs smoothly for the next few months before the chill sets in. Regular tune-ups play an important role in keeping your operating system safe and efficient.

September Image.jpgAdvantages of Heating Tune-Ups

What makes heating tune-ups so important? Great question! Tune-ups promote maximum energy efficiency—that means you get as much energy out of your fuel as possible. Better efficiency means lower fuel costs, so you'll save significantly on this year's home budget costs. You'll also spot and fix problems before they become major repairs.

 Benefits of a tuned-up system include:

  • Safe and efficient system operation
  • Lower energy costs and bills
  • Improved indoor air quality
  • Lower risk of unexpected or emergency repairs
  • Longer equipment lifespan
  • Better home comfort and warmth

 Why put it off any longer? Check off your tune-up from your list today, so you can focus on this season's good stuff. At Noonan Energy, we prioritize keeping you safe, warm, and comfortable through the changing seasons. Call us today to schedule your tune-up. We look forward to getting you ready for another winter.


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