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Central vs. Ductless Air Conditioning for Massachusetts Homes

- 9:46 am - May 21st, 2021

Central vs. Ductless Air Conditioning for Massachusetts Homes

Noonan Energy has always provided high-efficiency cool comfort to our valued customers—but are you running the newest technology in your home? Many Massachusetts and Northern Connecticut residents still use window air conditioning units to keep their homes comfortable, or even forgo air conditioning altogether. But installing a new air conditioner in your East Coast property will really go the distance. You'll enjoy better home comfort, increased property value, and even improved indoor air quality. So, how do you decide whether to install a central A/C or a ductless A/C? We're here to help with all the details about each type of unit so you can determine which is best for your family and budget.


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Ductless Mini-Split Air Conditioning Systems

Much more efficient than old A/C systems, ductless mini-splits allow you to cool select areas of your home by individual zoning—or you can choose to cool your entire home with multiple ductless units. Whether you have ductwork or not, mini-split cooling systems offer a wide range of benefits. Here are a few of them:

*  Save money and energy with high-efficiency equipment

*  No need for internal ductwork to achieve whole-home cooling

*  Control temperatures room by room with a remote control

*  Some models offer heat pump attachments for supplementary warmth

*  Enjoy quiet, effective operation for your comfort and convenience


Central Air Conditioning Systems

These systems are ideal for homes with existing ductwork in place due to your heating system configuration. If you already have ductwork in place for your home or business's furnace, your central air conditioning installation can be half the cost of adding it to a home without ducts.

*  Enjoy even cooling distribution throughout your entire home

*  Unobtrusive vents provide invisible and whisper-quiet cooling

*  Use flow vents in your home to control where your cooled air goes

*  Achieve maximum control with a programmable thermostat


Trust the Cooling Experts at Noonan Energy

When it comes to air conditioning system varieties, trust the experts at Noonan Energy to lay out your choices and the benefits of each. Since hot and humid days are just around the corner, installing your cooling system options now will allow you to be prepared for total home comfort before the dog days of summer arrive. Get in touch for a no-obligation quote on your property's newest comfort upgrade.


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