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Top Considerations When Choosing a Full-Service Oil Supplier

- 2:43 pm - September 20th, 2022

Responsible Connecticut and Massachusetts homeowners like you prioritize finding the right oil supplier, because you understand all too well the frigid weather that winter brings. Therefore, you'll want to have an oil provider on call that you can trust; one that offers a variety of heating and cooling services, dependable fuel delivery, and flexible payment options to fit your needs. Different providers might excel in distinct areas—the key is deciding which services are important to you and choosing a provider who checks all the boxes. We, at Noonan Energy, would like to provide three top considerations to keep in mind when selecting the perfect heating fuel company for your home and family.

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3 Things to Keep in Mind When Choosing an Oil Delivery Company

  1. Check if you live within the company’s delivery range: Naturally, you'll want to make sure your top contenders service your neighborhood. Hop on the company’s website and look for a “Coverage Area” page: this map (or town list) will outline the area that the company delivers to. If your hometown is on the list, you’re in the clear to move forward in your considerations.

  2. Look for extra features, like payment flexibility and automatic fuel delivery: Payment options and budget plans allow you to customize how and when you pay for fuel. Want to get your payments over with at the beginning of the cold season? We can help you with that! Prefer to divide your annual bills into predictable monthly increments that you can budget alongside other expenses, like your rent and cable bills? We can do that, too. Our payment options even have Downside Protection, an option for price-savvy homeowners who want to take advantage of the lower rate if fuel prices drop during the season.

    Additionally, companies that provide convenient automatic fuel delivery services remove the stress of regularly scheduling your own deliveries on a will-call basis. After all, we're guessing you have enough on your to-do list during the holiday season without having to worry about checking your tank gauge constantly and placing orders for fuel.

  3. Have a plan for your HVAC service: You'll absolutely want to account for whether a provider offers services for your home comfort equipment, like your furnace, air conditioner, and water heater. Finding a company that provides full HVAC repair and maintenance alongside fuel delivery will relieve the stress that accompanies the search for separate service providers—and it can save you money, as well. Dialing a single number for both services means that you'll have access to energy professionals with the capability to tune up or repair your HVAC system as well as deliver the fuel you need.

Choose Noonan Energy as the Oil Provider for Your CT or MA Home

We hope these tips make your task of choosing a fuel delivery provider for your Pioneer Valley home a little less daunting. We encourage you to give us a shot to exceed your expectations; you can count on our highly skilled team to provide the best in heating oil delivery (including environmentally friendly Bioheat® Plus fuel), heating system service, air conditioning, plumbing care, and even electrical services. Additionally, every customer can take advantage of convenient payment plans and maintenance agreements. Contact us anytime for more information or to become our newest customer!


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