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Tips to Save Energy All Summer Long

- 12:37 pm - June 26th, 2017

Simple Ways to Save Energy This Summer

Summer weather is here to stay. How are you keeping your cool? Sticky afternoons and humid evenings can cause A/C systems to work overtime, running energy bills higher than we’d like. Luckily for Massachusetts homeowners, there are several ways to cut energy usage. Here are a few tips to keep your family comfortable and your bills low all season:

Schedule an Annual A/C Tune-Up
An annual tune-up from your local HVAC technician can significantly improve the operation of your system and save you money. Schedule your tune-up before temperatures start to rise to ensure your air conditioning is performing at peak efficiency.

Consider Upgrading Your Cooling System
Say goodbye to bulky, energy-sucking window units!  High-efficiency air conditioners are all about energy conservation. A new central air or ductless system is an investment that will pay it forward with valuable benefits like ENERGY STAR ratings, improved indoor air quality, whisper-quiet operation, and more. 

Sign Up for a Service Plan
Take caring for your cooling system to the next level and enroll in a service plan with your local energy provider. Routine maintenance for your air conditioner can extend equipment lifespan, reduce the risk of breakdowns, and improve overall efficiency to keep energy usage low. When you sign up for a service plan, you can also enjoy perks like priority service and discounts on repairs.

How else can you save energy this summer? Use these easy home hacks to lower bills even more:

Cook Outdoors
Using the oven or stove can output excess heat, causing your cooling system to work harder. Instead, enjoy the sunshine and grill family meals outside.  

Close Your Curtains
Hot sunrays can quickly raise indoor temperatures, making your A/C go into overdrive to maintain its setting. Keep window treatments drawn to avoid overworking your system.

Use Ceiling Fans
When you’re home, turn on your ceiling fans and cooling system. This will allow you to raise your thermostat temperature by up to four degrees without affecting indoor comfort.

Contact us to learn more about ways to stay cool and save energy this summer!


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