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Established 1890
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Noonan Adds Electrical Division to Its Services

- 11:03 am - May 23rd, 2018

Dan Rollend - headshot.jpg Noonan Energy, one of the most respected companies in oil heat, has added a full suite of electrical services to its home comfort offerings for residents of the Pioneer Valley.

Founded in 1890, the family-owned Noonan Energy offers top quality heating oil service, fuel delivery, plumbing, home energy audits, heating and cooling equipment installation, and now, a full-service electrical division.

The company’s electrical division is led by Daniel Rollend, a resident of Westfield who brings to the role over two decades of experience as an electrician throughout Western Massachusetts. Rollend carries a master electrical license in Massachusetts and specializes in new wiring, upgrades, repairs, and other electrical needs such as installation of generators and hybrid electric water heaters. He also conducts all electrical permitting and inspections for Noonan Energy.

May 2018 Photo.jpg Electrical services now offered by Noonan Energy include electrical panel/service replacements and upgrades; repairs of broken switches, outlets and lights; retrofit knob and tube wiring upgrades; installation of generators; wiring for swimming pools and hot tubs; wiring for new homes or renovations; and installation of hybrid electric water heaters.

Whether you need a faulty switch repaired or need a full upgrade of your home’s electrical panel, don’t hesitate to reach out to Noonan for all of your home’s electrical needs!


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