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Should you consider a ductless, mini-split heat pump?

- 12:21 pm - April 17th, 2017

High-efficiency electric heat pumps, also known as ductless mini-splits, provide an easy-to-install, energy-efficient option for climate control in rooms that aren’t connected to your central air conditioning system or that don’t have ductwork. If you’ve added an addition onto your home, or if you want to reclaim under-used space, like a sunroom, attic space, garage or breezeway, a mini-split may be just what you need. 

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Heat pumps provide both heating and cooling through a single source. In summer, heat pumps keep your spaces cool by pumping warm air out. When the temperature starts to get cooler, heat pumps provide supplemental warmth by drawing heat energy from the air outside of the home inside. The only energy used is the relatively small amount needed to transfer the heat.

Mini-split advantages

The mini split system includes an outdoor compressor/condenser, which looks similar to a central air conditioning unit, and an indoor air handling unit for each room or zone. The main advantages of mini-splits are their small size and flexibility. With one outdoor unit, you can have as many as five indoor air-handling units in different rooms or zones.

Duct losses can account for more than 30% of energy for space conditioning. Mini-splits are more energy efficient because they don’t use ducts. Also, the indoor units can be individually set, or even turned off, when the room or zone is not in use, further reducing your expenses. Because they transfer heat and don’t generate it, mini-splits use up to 60% less energy than standard electric home heating systems. Many studies have shown that the use of electric heat pumps can save you between $1,000-$2,000 annually in energy costs.

In addition, mini-splits can help to increase your home’s security. Wall or window mounted air conditioners can be removed, providing access to your home. But because the hook-up between the outdoor and indoor units of a mini-split heat pump generally requires only a three-inch hole through the wall for a conduit, there is no risk of a security breach.

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Noonan Energy installs and services heat pumps by the industry’s leading manufacturers, including Mitsubishi Electric. Our team of expert heating and cooling technicians is fully certified to provide the installation, maintenance and repair services of your heat pump system to ensure energy-efficient performance and reliable, multi-seasonal operations.

Contact us to learn more about ductless, mini-split heat pumps, or schedule your installation, tune-up or repair.

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