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How Can High-Efficiency A/C Cut Costs in MA?

- 10:23 am - March 24th, 2020

How Can High-Efficiency Air Conditioning Help You Save Money?

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As warmer weather sets in, residents and homeowners in Western MA and Northern CT start to search for ways to cool down. Sometimes this means heading to the lake or beach, taking a dip in the pool, or making homemade ice cream. But there’s one cooling method that nobody would turn down—that’s having an affordable central or ductless air conditioning system in your home.

Ever wish you could spend less on cooling your Massachusetts home? Now you can! The experts at Noonan Energy provide high-efficiency air conditioning installations to our valued customers in Greater Springfield, and Northern Connecticut. Here’s how a high-efficiency A/C can help you save money on your spring energy bills.

1.      Spend Less on Electricity

A high-efficiency central or ductless A/C unit will use less electricity to keep your home at the same comfortable temperature as an older model. This will reduce your energy bills during the spring, summer, and fall, significantly reducing your annual home comfort costs.

2.      Reduce Need for Repairs, Service & Breakdowns

Even with an affordable home comfort provider and an A/C service plan, repair and breakdown service call costs can add up over time. Installing a new system will reduce your need to make these calls, as newer equipment consistently works better and smoother than older systems.

3.      Save $300 on Your Installation for a Limited Time!

Save when you schedule your installation before April 15, 2020! If you purchase a new high-efficiency air conditioner now, we’ll slash your price by $300. This deal even applies to high-efficiency heating systems, which can also help you cut your fuel delivery costs each year. Contact us today to get a free quote on an installation and take advantage of this enormous discount you won’t find anywhere else!

Ready to start saving more on your home cooling bills? Installing a high-efficiency air conditioner is a one-time investment that will provide years of comfort and safety for your home and family. Take advantage of our $300 off special happening until April 15, 2020 by contacting our experts. When the deal ends, you can still score great savings with Noonan Energy—contact us to find out the latest deals.


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