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High-Efficiency Electric Heat Pumps

How often do you use a room or space in which you’re not reasonably comfortable? Reclaim under-utilized areas of your home with a brilliant solution: a high-efficiency electric heat pump, also known as a ductless mini-split.

A ductless mini-split delivers both cool comfort and cozy warmth when needed. The systems are ideal for those areas that cannot be easily served by the home’s central air conditioning system. Sunrooms, breezeways, and additions are typical areas where a ductless mini-split provides perfect simplicity. In addition to its cooling capabilities, heat pumps can also supplement your current heating system. In the Spring or Fall when it’s not cold enough to turn on your entire home heating system but you want to take the chill out of the room, ductless mini-splits provide an efficient alternative.

Noonan Energy installs and services heat pumps by the industry’s leading manufacturers. Our team of expert heating and cooling technicians is fully certified to provide the installation, maintenance and repair services of your heat pump system to ensure energy-efficient performance and reliable, multi-seasonal operations.


In summer, heat pumps keep your spaces cool by pumping warm air out of it. Again, they are particularly useful in cooling down home extensions, room additions, garages, and any space that can’t be reached by your central air conditioning system. See our Cooling Comfort Plan for more information.

When the temperature starts to get cooler, heat pumps offer an easy answer to providing supplemental warmth. Heat pumps draw heat energy from the air outside of the home, then simply move that air into the home.

To schedule your ductless mini-split/heat pump installation, tune-up or repair, please call or contact Noonan Energy today.


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