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- 9:24 am - June 20th, 2016

 In colder weather, insulation essentially prevents the loss of heat to the outside from your home. However, did you know that insulation actually stops hot air from entering your home during warmer weather? Heat naturally moves from warmer to colder places, therefore insulation stops the flow of heat. This is why adequate insulation in the floors, attics and walls is crucial to keeping a family comfortable when it is hot outdoors.

 Not only will having the right insulation keep a home cool, it will also prevent air conditioning systems from working overtime when it is hot. Insulation will keep the temperature down and it also has the potential to lower your utility bills impacted by your air conditioning systems. 

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If you are unsure about the insulation in your home, Noonan Energy can provide a no-cost home energy assessment (for National Grid and Eversource customers). This audit will determine where and how your home is wasting energy. Noonan will also provide customers with ways in which improvements can be made to keep your home comfortable and energy efficient all year long. This service is offered through the Mass Save Home Energy Services Program.

 The program includes:

  • Ÿ No-cost home energy assessment
  • Ÿ  No-cost compact fluorescent lights (CFLs) and LEDs
  • Ÿ  No-cost, targeted air sealing

Ÿ  75 percent off up to $2,000 toward the installation of approved energy-saving improvements, such as insulationŸ  0 percent heat loan for eligible improvements (subject to approval).Ÿ  Generous rebates for heating and water heating equipment

Call 800-343-8829 or visit, noonanenergy.com to schedule your home energy assessment.