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Top 3 Benefits of Bioheat® Fuel for MA & CT Homes

- 10:04 am - February 22nd, 2023

As a homeowner in Massachusetts or Connecticut, chances are you’ve heard of Bioheat® fuel. Bioheat® fuel is a low-carbon, renewable liquid heating fuel that can withstand extreme cold without compromising performance or cost. Read on to learn the top benefits your family will have the opportunity to experience the moment you start having it delivered by a dependable provider like Noonan Energy.

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Bioheat® fuel is a renewable liquid energy source

Bioheat® fuel is a blend of traditional heating fuel and renewable biodiesel. Biodiesel is made from a variety of natural materials that are recycled or agricultural by-products, such as animal fats, inedible corn oil, used cooking oil, and other materials that would otherwise be discarded as waste. Plus, the biodiesel content in Bioheat® fuel also helps to reduce consumption of traditional heating fuels.

Bioheat® fuel can positively affect your health

A recent study, conducted by Clean Fuels Alliance America and Trinity Consultants, found significant results showing that biodiesel and Bioheat® fuel have several health benefits. Overall, transitioning to Bioheat® fuel and biodiesel also showed great benefits for daily public health, where reduced health issues would result in 46,000 fewer sick days. Click here to view the full report and learn more.

Bioheat® fuel is readily available in New England

Bioheat® fuel production is abundant in the United States. The biodiesel industry employs more than 62,000 people, and production continues to grow to meet increased demand. The energy source even has a higher BTU content than any other alternative fuel, giving you unmatched power and warmth at a greater rate of speed. This can improve the performance and efficiency of your home heating system, improving your home’s energy profile.

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Ready to Order a Bioheat® Fuel Delivery?

Noonan Energy is pleased to provide Bioheat Plus® fuel, a high-quality blend containing at least 20% biodiesel per gallon. To order a delivery, click this link, and fill out the short form. You can also sign up for automatic Bioheat Plus® fuel delivery by contacting us! We’ll be happy to manage your fuel deliveries and refill your tank when needed. We never deliver more or less than your home needs to stay warm and cozy.

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