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How an A/C Service Plan Can Really Save You Money

- 2:17 pm - May 16th, 2022

How an A/C Service Plan Can Really Save You Money

With winter's departure, we now find ourselves enjoying springtime's warmer temperatures while anticipating summer's heat. As a conscientious Connecticut or Massachusetts homeowner, maintaining your A/C unit in its soundest condition at the most affordable cost ranks top among your priorities.  Have you considered signing up for an A/C service plan? Doing so can ensure summer comfort at the most reasonable prices. Read on to learn how an affordable air conditioning plan will benefit your home, family, and checking account alike.

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4 Reasons Why Signing Up for an A/C Comfort Plan Is a Smart Move

  1. Reduced Risk of Surprise Repairs: When you enroll in an air conditioning service plan, like the one offered by Noonan Energy, you can expect the highest quality in A/C system maintenance from experienced service technicians. In the long term, this means far fewer out-of-pocket costs for unforeseen repairs alongside less costly energy bills. We'll keep your A/C equipment in outstanding condition, so the likelihood of sudden breakdowns and rising energy invoices will decline significantly.
  2. Included Tune-Ups and Safety Checks: Having a tune-up done each year for your air conditioner is a best practice to keep your system running smoothly. When you enroll in a service plan, that essential service is included! Our service team will service your central air conditioning system to improve its efficiency and extend its lifespan.  We'll assess your cooling system's health thoroughly, from pressure checks to condenser and evaporator coil cleanings, from filter replacements to drain line and contactor inspections. If needed, we'll even add up to 1 lb. of Freon for free!
  3. Discounts for Labor and Parts: Another big benefit of signing up for a service plan is getting a discount on parts and labor. As air conditioning equipment ages, it will require repairs here and there. When you are covered by a service plan, those eventual repairs will be easier on your wallet thanks to a discount on parts and labor. Noonan Energy is proud to offer a 15% discount on parts and labor for service plan customers during standard business hours.
  4. Priority Service for Customers: Nothing is worse than dealing with an A/C breakdown in the middle of August and having to wait for the next available repair appointment. Enrolling in an A/C service plan means getting priority service if you do need a repair appointment.


If we've convinced you that a Noonan Energy Central Air Conditioning Cooling Comfort Plan is the right option for you this season and beyond, then contact us today.


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