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Use Rebates & Save on Oil Heat Equipment in MA

- 10:53 am - May 20th, 2019

Save on Massachusetts heating costs with rebates on new, high-efficiency heating equipment! Contact Noonan Energy to book an installation.

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Use Rebates to Save on High-Efficiency Furnaces, Boilers, & More

If you’re spending too much on home heating in MA and would rather spend that money elsewhere, you’re in the right place! We’re here to let you know how you can save money on new, high-efficiency heating equipment and cut costs on heating oil for years to come. This will put more money back in your pocket along with other great benefits.

How Do I Get HVAC Rebates?

  1. Book your high-efficiency heating or cooling installation from Noonan Energy.
  2. Visit the websites for Mass Save, National Grid, and MEMA to submit requests.
  3. Sit back, enjoy your home comfort, and wait for the reimbursement to replenish your wallet!

Which Rebates Are Available?

Great question! We’ve done some homework and compiled a list of current residential HVAC rebates that are available in our area. Check them out, and don’t wait long to book an installation and apply for your rebate: the savings won’t last forever.

Mass Save

Mass Save is offering a variety of rebates of varying amounts (up to $1,600 each) on residential home comfort systems, such as fuel oil furnaces and boilers, oil water heaters, central and zoned air conditioners, electric heat pumps, thermostats, and more.

National Grid

National Grid is boasting rebates up to $500 each on ENERGY STAR® central air conditioning systems, central heat pumps, and high-efficiency ductless mini-split units for MA residents. Just book your installation with Noonan Energy and request your rebate on


MEMA has launched a new website to promote their latest rebate: $500 toward Massachusetts homeowners’ new, energy-efficient heating systems and aboveground oil tanks. To earn your $500, they request that you submit your rebate to Noonan Energy when purchasing your equipment. Here’s the form to save $500 on your home comfort upgrade.

Put Your Tax Savings to Work

Investing your tax refund in home comfort will improve the value of your home, along with giving you the benefit of new and reliable fuel oil and electric equipment. You’ll spend less on repairs, emergency service, and heating oil, diesel, or kerosene, along with having the peace of mind that a dependable heater delivers. Contact Noonan Energy to start the savings process today!


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