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Top Five Ways to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient This Fall

- 2:16 pm - October 18th, 2016

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Do you want to pay less on your energy bills this winter? While we all know simple steps like turning off lights and electronics when you leave the room, and sealing doors and windows can lead to lower energy costs – there are other things to consider when preparing for winter weather.

  • Thermostats: A programmable thermostat is the perfect tool to help you make energy efficiency improvements. Try programming your thermostat so that temperatures are lower when no one is home and when people are sleeping, but make sure to keep your home above 50 degrees to avoid frozen pipes.
  • Insulation is Key: Making sure a home is sufficiently insulated can also lower heating costs considerably. Pay close attention to insulation in your attic, basement walls, floors and crawl spaces. Noonan Energy can offer up to 75 percent off      insulation improvements, up to $2,000.
  • Old Furnace: Is your furnace or boiler more than 20 years old? If your answer is yes – it is time to start thinking about investing in a new one. ENERGY STAR® qualified heating equipment is more efficient than standard models and can      save consumers money on energy costs.
  • Home Energy Audit: In our August blog post you might have read about home energy audits – this is important.While homeowners can take some steps to reduce home energy costs on their own, professional energy auditors can assess your home’s energy use and suggest next steps to increase efficiency. Participants are also offered generous rebates for certain suggested improvements.  
  • BioHeat®: When you choose Noonan you receive BioHeat®. This blend of biodiesel and low-sulfur heating oil offers a clean-burning option produced from organic vegetable oils and animal fats. It can be used in home heating oil systems with no additional modifications to fuel tanks, appliances, pumps or burners. It is better, safer and cleaner for your home and environment.  

 There are many ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency before winter hits. While some projects can be done on a weekend – others require professional attention. Visit for more information or call us today at 800-343-8829 to talk to a home heating professional or to set up your home energy audit.


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