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Perks of Automatic Oil Delivery in Massachusetts

- 9:35 am - November 18th, 2020

Winter is on its way to our corner of Massachusetts! The first snowfall has already come and gone, and we all know there is more where that came from. Are you starting to think about how you'll keep up the house during the cold season? There's shoveling, plowing, grocery shopping for the holidays, and of course, ordering oil. If you want to make your ever-growing to-do list a little shorter this winter, sign up for automatic oil delivery. This service is available at no extra charge and comes with plenty of VIP perks.

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How Does Automatic Oil Delivery Work?

We use daily degree-day calculations and your heating history to create a fuel delivery schedule customized for your home. By tracking daily weather and fuel usage, we can accurately estimate when your oil tank needs to be refilled. You won't have to check your oil tank so much and make time to remember to order oil on top of everything else you have to do.

Why New Englanders Love Automatic Oil Delivery

1. Complete Convenience

When you sign up for automatic oil delivery with Noonan Energy, your fuel supply is in good hands. You can count on our energy experts to make sure you have heating oil when you need it. Our efficient system keeps tabs on expected fuel usage and schedules deliveries accordingly. We only deliver when you need it, and you don't even have to be home on delivery day.

 2. An Extra Layer of Protection

Running out of heating oil is dangerous for your home's plumbing system; if you experience a no-heat emergency, the water in your pipes will be the first thing to freeze and swell. Too much pressure can cause pipe bursting and permanent damage, along with a temporary blockage of your water supply.

3. No Additional Cost

 That's right, automatic oil delivery is available at no extra cost. You can get all the amazing perks of automatic oil delivery for free. You get the same high-quality Bioheat® Plus heating oil in your tank: it's that simple!

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Sign up for Automatic Oil Delivery Today

So, what are you waiting for? If automatic oil delivery sounds like it can make life easier this winter, that's because it really can. Contact Noonan Energy to enroll in automatic oil delivery today. If you have any questions, we're happy to help.

Safety Tip: Customers who choose automatic delivery should still check their fuel gauge every so often as a safety precaution. An increase in fuel usage, like additional household members, should be shared with your energy provider.