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Plan Ahead for Affordable Heating Bills

- 10:04 am - August 20th, 2018

August 2018 Image.jpgGet Ahead of the Next Heating Season!

Most people are still thinking about swimming and sunbathing, but it’s our job to help you prepare for the upcoming heating season. With winter quickly approaching, now is the time to consider your home heating bills. We at Noonan Energy know that all customers have different budgets and preferences, which is why we’ve developed the following payment plans for your convenience:

Pre-Pay Plan: You purchase fuel ahead of time at a preseason price. By planning ahead, you get a fixed price for the exact number of gallons you want to buy. This guarantees that you won’t pay more than the fixed price, nor will you worry about payments for the rest of the year.

Fixed Price Budget Pre-Pay Plan: Similar to the Pre-Pay Plan, but this plan allows customers to split their pre-paid order into five monthly installments. So, if you order fuel in August, your payments are monthly through December.

12-Month Budget Plan: This option allows you to split your fuel cost over 12 monthly payments. This allows for the smallest payments during each month, although there is no fixed-price guarantee. An added benefit of this plan is the 1.5% annual earned interest on any credit balance, which Noonan pays you back!

10-Month Budget Plan: This plan divides your anticipated yearly energy cost into ten even monthly payments, which begin in your choice of July or August. Although there is no fixed price guarantee with this plan, it’s very popular among our customers because of the predictability and peace-of-mind that come with a low monthly payment.

Commercial Budget Plans: For commercial customers, Noonan Energy offers customized payment plans. These come with a variety of options, designed to fit every business need. Contact us at (800) 343-8829 for more details!

Can’t quite decide? View more details of our payment plans or contact your local HVAC experts at Noonan Energy. We’ll help you determine the payment plan that is best for you!


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