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Ordering Heating Oil in MA & CT

- 12:31 pm - January 16th, 2019

Learn to read your oil tank gauge and when to order a refill, or sign up for automatic delivery in MA & CT to let Noonan handle your orders. Contact us!

2 Ways to Keep Track of Your Oil Tank Fill Level

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Reliable home heating is essential in New England, and Massachusetts and Connecticut are no exception. You don’t want to be without heat in the winter for even a minute! For starters, your family will be cold and uncomfortable. Beyond that, your pipes can freeze and burst, causing costly damage.

Fortunately, there are two easy ways to keep track of your home heating oil levels. Let’s take a look:

Option 1: Read Your Oil Tank Gauge Weekly

If you’re monitoring your own oil tank levels, you should check your tank and fuel every week or two. Here are some instructions on how to easily check how much fuel is in your tank:

  1. Find the cylindrical glass gauge on top of your oil tank.
  2. Read it like your car’s gas gauge: Full, ¾, ½. ¼, Empty.
  3. If it reads ¼ or less, order oil right away. If it reads more than ¼, set a reminder to check again next week.

The important part about this method is remembering to check your oil levels and remembering to place your oil order when your tank gets low. Keep an eye on the forecast and take winter storms into account when planning your orders: storms require more oil, and deliveries are trickier in the snow.

Option 2: Sign Up for Automatic Delivery

The easier option is allowing the experts at Noonan to monitor your oil tank levels. Don’t worry, we don’t have to visit your basement every week! We use an algorithm to predict when you’ll need an oil delivery, which incorporates weather, heating habits, and the size of your home. With this method, you get the following benefits:

Smile   Reduced risk of an empty oil tank

Smile   Peace of mind that you’ll have heat

Smile   Protection against frozen and bursting pipes

Smile   Less chance of needing emergency service

Smile   No hassle of monitoring your tank or ordering oil

Our Recommendation

We highly suggest Option 2 when it comes to your home heating. Winter in New England is nothing to joke about, and we’re serious about keeping you and your family safe and warm. Sign up for automatic oil delivery today on our website, or learn more about our diesel and kerosene fuels or other HVAC services we offer.


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