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Invest Your Winter Savings in a Supplemental Year-Round Comfort System

- 10:00 am - March 23rd, 2016

After a mild winter and lower than normal heating prices, hopefully you managed to save a little more this year. Consider investing those savings into a ductless mini-split that you can benefit from all year long.

With improved technology and cost-saving incentives, now is the time to install a ductless mini-split. Also referred to as heat pumps, these systems are ideal for cooling areas of your home where traditional air conditioning systems cannot feasibly be used or installed. The systems are also multi-functional, allowing you to supplement your current heating system in the colder months.

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Here are four reasons to invest in a ductless mini-split:

 1.       Customization: With ductless options, homeowners can choose which rooms to integrate. Garages, basements or additions which may typically be left out of your home comfort system can be incorporated easily. In addition, the systems allow you to control each zone independently. Now everyone in your home can be comfortable.

 2.       Improved Air Quality: The systems are able to filter the air through multiple stages, removing dust and other harmful particles that can aggravate allergies and asthma.

 3.       Environmentally Friendly: Minimal carbon emissions are produced through ductless mini-splits. They also run using a refrigerant, which does not harm the ozone. The systems offered by Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating follow strict ENERGY STAR® guidelines, which are much more stringent than minimum standards set by the government.

 4.       Cost Savings & Energy Efficiency: Investing in a ductless mini-split will save you money on your electric bill in the summer. The efficiency, coupled with the ability to only have the system run in specific areas when needed, can result in savings throughout the year. Call Noonan Energy today to learn more about rebates offered. For a limited time, Noonan Energy will provide an additional $100 discount toward the installation of a new ductless mini-split system.

  Don’t forget, investing in an energy efficient ductless mini-split is only as effective as your home’s insulation will allow it to be. Take advantage of Noonan Energy’s free home energy assessment to better understand your home’s insulation needs and receive generous rebates on insulation improvements.

 To speak with someone about the best option to fit your needs, contact Noonan Energy today. Take advantage of rebates and Noonan’s offer of $100 off installation by calling today, 800-343-8829 or visit


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