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Heating Oil Tank Safety Tips

- 11:00 am - November 18th, 2019

Use these important tips to learn more about oil tank safety. Keeping your fuel oil tank safe means keeping your MA home safe and warm.

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Heating Oil Tank Safety 101

When you live in Massachusetts, you depend on your heating system nearly six months out of the year! If you heat your home with oil, that means your oil tank plays a major role in your family’s safety and comfort. Use these tips from industry experts to help keep your oil tank in top shape through the winter months. If you want to learn more about any of the insight below, reach out to Noonan Energy with any oil tank safety questions you might have.

 Understanding Oil Tank Safety in MA

 Underground Fuel Oil Tanks

     If you heat your home with oil, the unknown condition of underground fuel storage tanks can be dangerous for the safety of your family, your property, and our environment. It is easy to protect against fuel leaks by replacing your current equipment with a safe, durable aboveground fuel oil storage tank. We can help!

 Oil Feed Lines 

     Heating oil tanks use a feed line to transport oil from your fuel oil storage tank to your furnace or boiler. If your oil feed line is encased in your concrete basement floor, the direct contact with the concrete may be causing the line to degrade over time. The fix is very simple though! Upgrading your feed line with a modern coated line is a relatively easy fix.

Keep Oil Tank Full 

     Condensation can occur in the empty parts of your oil tank if it is not full. Keeping your oil tank full can help to prevent corrosion and rusting to occur due to condensation collecting through the fill pipe and vent pipe, rusting from the inside out. More oil prevents more condensation from collecting.


     Running out of heating oil is a situation you want to avoid! When your tank runs out of fuel, you are at risk of losing heat, incurring emergency fill and repair bills, and even freezing or bursting pipes. The best way to keep your home safe during the winter is by regularly ordering fuel oil. Or, you can sign up for automatic heating oil delivery, which is the best way to avoid run-outs all together. Noonan Energy will create a custom fuel oil delivery schedule and make deliveries for you.

Use these tips to help keep your oil tank and your home safe this winter. Contact Noonan Energy to learn more about automatic oil delivery and other services that will help you do just that.


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