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    ... CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE VIDEOS Welcome to Noonan Energy A Name You Know And Trust: Since 1890, the Noonan family has been proudly delivering home heating OIL and comfort products to the Pioneer Valley area. 130 years young and still growing, today Noonan Energy Corporation is your one-stop-shop for all your home heating OIL and comfort needs. 130 Years ...
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    ... mpany from his father. 1928 The industrious Edward J. Noonan adds kerosene and home heating OIL to the products his company delivers, calling the business Massasoit Lake Ice and Fuel Company. 1939 ...
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  • Heating Oil Page (Hits: 38)

    ... Premium Heating OIL Saves Money and Prevents Problems Noonan Energy delivers a premium heating OIL blend to all our customers at no additional cost. Known as Noonan's Energy Plus, this Bioheat® Plus fuel is treated with a premium additive package that promotes high performance while cleaning your equipment from the inside and keeping it clean.We choose to deliv ...
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  • Bioheat Page (Hits: 6)

    ... art, sustainable home comfort and energy solutions. It’s this commitment that drives Noonan Energy to deliver Bioheat® Plus fuel, an environmentally responsible alternative to conventional heating OIL. Made by blending ultra-low sulfur heating OIL with renewable biodiesel, Bioheat® Plus fuel helps keep our neighborhoods cleaner and greener by reducing pollution and actuall ...
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  • Our Guarantee Page (Hits: 1)

    ... formed, company-trained personnel whose credentials are among the finest in the industry. When our service people answer your call, you can rest assured that they are up-to-date on the latest heating OIL technology. They'll work quickly and carefully — keeping your home as clean as if it were their own. GUARANTEED: Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff — We make it a point to get to know ...
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  • Heating Page (Hits: 7)

    ... Your Browser does not support html5 video elements. Heating OIL: What's Hot? Heating System Installation We install a wide range of super-efficient, energy-saving products, from OIL-fired hot water heaters to complete heating systems for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. And at Noonan, we back everything ...
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  • Cooling Page (Hits: 4)

    ... clear that we can keep you cool and comfortable. A Noonan Energy Cooling System Tune-Up includes: Check Pressure of System to Detect for Leaks Inspect Outside Condenser COIL for Damage and Abnormalities Assess Amp Readings on Both the Compressor and Condenser to Ensure Proper Power Usage Clean Condenser COIL (as needed) Clean Evaporator COIL (a ...
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  • Plumbing Services Page (Hits: 2)

    ... more work like a drain pipe replacement or kitchen remodel, Noonan Energy plumbers are here to help. Our complete plumbing service menu includes repairs and installations of: TOILets Faucets Dishwashers Garbage Disposals Tub and Shower Valves Kitchen and Vanity Sinks Plus, we perform Irrigation Connections and Drain Cle ...
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  • Home Energy Audits Page (Hits: 1)

    ... rm through the winter and cool through the summer, but all that work is for naught if the heat or air conditioning never makes its way to you. Unfortunately, the warm air coming from your furnace or bOILer and the cool air coming from your air conditioner could both be escaping through tiny cracks in your home's vents and outer shell, wasting your hard-earned energy dollars. If you're a Nat ...
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  • Comfort Plans Page (Hits: 33)

    ... and inspect your system to ensure peak performance ... saving you fuel and money! Service Plans Make $enseWe also want to make sure that you are getting your money's worth from every gallon of OIL you purchase. Remember, an efficient system is also a cost-effective one: another reason why service contracts help to protect the safety and comfort of your home and budget. Please contact one of ...
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  • Payment Plans Page (Hits: 8)

    ... gallons. Customers are guaranteed the lower prices if our credit price drops below the Pre-Pay price or the Fixed Price Budget Pre-Pay price.What's the benefit: In these uncertain economic times, the OIL market is increasingly volatile; there is as much of a chance of OIL prices dropping as there is of OIL prices increasing. In an effort to provide as many comfortable alternatives for you, our cus ...
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    ... your spring-cleaning routine can help you avoid issues later in the year & protect… Read full post » Money-Saving Tips for Home OIL Heat in 2024 admin January 26, 2024 Looking for simple and easy ways to save money on home heating OIL costs this year in MA? Check out this list of tips from ...
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