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How to Protect Your Oil Tank This Summer in Massachusetts

- 8:55 am - June 19th, 2023

Warmer weather has finally arrived in the Pioneer Valley, and the team at Noonan Energy is just as happy about it as you are! Now is the perfect time to make outdoor plans, such as picnics and family gatherings, and enjoy the sunshine. With that in mind, we understand why you probably aren’t worried about the state of your oil tank. But this blog post is here to tell you why protecting your oil tank during the summer months is essential and how easy it is to ensure it is in peak condition to help heat your home when the weather turns chilly again.

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Why You Need to Protect Your Oil Tank in the Pioneer Valley

Your oil tank is strong and can last for many years when you take care of it properly. Unfortunately, home and business owners often overlook issues with their heating oil tanks, leading to a risk of leakage or tank failure. A catastrophic event like that requires a costly and stressful oil cleanup, so protecting your oil tank during the months you aren’t using it is imperative. Here are three ways you can quickly and easily protect your oil tank in summer:

·       Keep your tank full of oil during the off-season to prevent internal corrosion

Many people don’t know this, but warm weather can cause oil tanks to collect internal condensation and corrode from the inside out. Since this damage isn’t visible to the naked eye, by the time your tank springs a leak, it will be too late to reverse it. Help avoid this situation by keeping your tank full with an oil delivery.

·       Remove items from around the tank, so it has space to ventilate

Allowing your oil tank to “breathe” by removing items from the immediate area is a simple way to keep condensation from forming on the outside of your tank. This will help prevent corrosion and damage, reducing the chance of a tank leak.

·       Have an annual heating system tune-up performed to inspect your tank

An annual heating system tune-up can be performed at any time of year, but ideally, you should schedule yours before the heating season begins. When you have an experienced technician from Noonan Energy look over your heating system, one of the things they will inspect is your oil tank. They will be able to spot any small problems with your oil tank before they become major issues.

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